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Current Affairs - November 19, 2015

Education took back the new draft dhoranasandarbhatala Maharashtra

Maharashtra dhoranasandarbhatala draft new Education Department before the end of the state of intense schooling has taken the vaccine.
Specific binding to the students of the school hours, they should be a school for 6 hours instead of 8, on the recommendation of the masudyatalya has been withdrawn after furious criticism of the draft, the new draft will be ready in the next two weeks.
The new center is expected to be ready for the National Education Policy of the Government of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.
They have been asked for recommendations for each state.
Accordingly, the Department of School Education siksanaksetratalya expert, Head of the NGO seminar pratinidhinsobata by the National Report on the state of New Education Policy "was uploaded on the website of the Department of Education to draft such a heading.

Google "to be a question now and easy

Popular sarcainjina the "Google" to a question, and now is going to be easy.
While no longer limited and will not need to use just search the word "google" search of new alternative user writing savayinusara "search" will be.
That is likely to experience a new and different users.

More use of words, phrases, easily searchable and difficult questions, such facilities "Google" "Search Engine" is given in.
"Google" has started in 2012, "Knowledge Graph" This project is a part of.
"Google Web" applications and users have been given this facility.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to visit China government sent

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh led a delegation to visit China Government left.
The entire tour will be six days.
Rajnath Singh and Chinese Premier Li will meet in this tour are kekviyanga.
    Also, the Chinese Minister Guo are going to discuss the bilateral sengakuna.

'Instant flour nudalsa not disclose the sale ephaesaesaeaya allowed

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurveda submitted Monday to sell the food security of instant flour nudalsa ratio Authority (ephaesaesaeaya) was not allowed to have a newspaper revealed.
But Patanjali flour noodles on the pakitam ephaesaesaeayane given license number has been been given before.
Patanjali nudalsaci sales is likely to continue next month.Ravindra Jadeja a big leap in the ICC rankings

South Africa is a big leap up the ICC Test rankings India's Ravindra Jadeja bowling padanarya your impressions.
It has been ranked 13th in the latest Alphabetical.
This is his best performance ever. South Africa's Dale Steyn still ranks first in the rankings.
Jadeja 8 wickets in the first Test, but four wickets in an innings in the second Test due to the disruption.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Award announced

The awards were announced by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's memory.Hindi film actress Juhi Chawla awareness for mobile kiranotsargababata, runners Kavita Raut, writer-poet poetry Mahajan, actor navajuddina Siddiqui, educator Farida long, entrepreneurs will be honored with the award of the journalism and the cloud phanasalakara BHIDE Rahi for outstanding performance.1 event held at 2 pm on November 9 at Nariman Point at YB Chavan and former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar, Congress chief secretary establishment Janardana Dwivedi's Awards will be presented.As new Chief Justice of India Justice. Thakur announced the official name of tirathasinha

As new Chief Justice of India Justice. Tirathasinha Thakur was named the official announcement.
Justice. Thakur will be sworn in on December 3 post.
Chief Justice of the existing H. L. Dattu are retiring on December 2.
Justice. Thakur is the senior most judge of the Supreme Court.
Justice. Thakur will be due on January 4, 2017 saranyayadhisapadaci term.